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Design prize for floating interior doors

Our Secret Slide, a sliding door with no visible rail, has won a prestigious Red Dot Award. Because the jury judged this sliding door to be so innovative, it was even awarded the chosen wreath 'Best of the best'.

Red Dot Design Award

The Secret Slide sliding door seems to float against the wall because the rail - and therefore the canopy hiding the rail - is missing. This sliding door disappears as it were into the room when it is finished in the same colour as the surrounding walls. When the sliding door is located or covered with veneer or laminate, it fills the room just like furniture. It can be even more exclusive when the sliding door is finished with textile or leather.

The secret behind the Secret Slide sliding door is the reverse principle of ordinary sliding doors. With a classic sliding door, the rail is fixed to the wall or ceiling and the door slides with the carriage over the rail. With our Secret Slide, the rail is concealed in the door itself and only the carriage is fixed to the wall.

Many hundreds of companies receive a Red Dot Design Award annually, but we can be proud of the fact that we have been included in the select club of 'Best of the best'. These are design products that are recognised as pioneers due to their innovativeness.

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