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Door frames: Brems doors shows you the way

A door, it looks like a simple fact... until you start looking for a specific door for a specific space. Suddenly you bump into terms you've never heard of before. As a specialist in wooden interior doors, we are happy to guide you through the door landscape.

Today we take a closer look at the frame of the revolving door (or hinged door). We outline the difference between doorframes that are visible on the wall or in the wall and plastered doorframes.

The best known and most common doorframes are the frames that are placed visibly on the wall. With this system, the frames are placed on the wall and there is a clear level difference between the wall and the frame. At Brems doors you can choose from 3 different widths for this type of frame: 35mm, 55mm and 75mm. On top of that you also have the choice between visible and hidden hinges.

Would you like it a little more sleek? Then you can choose frames that are placed visibly in the wall: The door is placed in a narrow block frame flush with the wall. There is no level difference between the wall and the frame, but the frame remains clearly visible. Here you can also choose between visible and hidden hinges. The standard width of this frame is 35mm.

In a very minimalist style and with the plastered or frameless door, it is also called the "invisible door". With this type of door, the door frame (with hidden hinges) is plastered into the wall. This means that there is nothing to be seen of the frame. Do you coat the door leaf in the same colour as the wall? Then the door disappears, as it were, all the way into the wall. Thanks to the minimalistic NOHA handle you get an extra sleek finish.

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